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Are All Seats Removeble in Passenger Van?

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Hi, I'm new to the Forum, considering a Metris down the road as a touring/camping and general utility-around town vehicle. I had thought to get a cargo van to add to and modify for camping use. In doing a couple of sample builds, I'm wondering if it would make more sense to just start with the passenger van.
My main question is can all seating be easily removed from the rear (i.e. the 3+2) in the passenger van? It looks like the normal track system but I have seen years ago some where just one set can be removed, making it not as functional for camping-there's just my wife and I.
Is the driver side sliding door standard on the passenger but an option on the cargo?

Thanks, Dave
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Passenger van rear seats

The rear seats on a Metris passenger are fully removable.
I have removed the 3rd row & one seat from the second row as it was a three Seat one. Now, I have a two sweater in the second row.
They are removable without tools. However the seats are quite heavy. My wife and I found them so and we used to unload, build a retail store, break it down, and reload it into a 23' box truck 5 days a week. I'd estimate the 2placer at 75lbs and the 3 placer at 125.
How heavy would you say the seat is? 200LBS? 150LBS? Can't imagine it being heavier than that range.
Thanks to all of you for your replies. Do I understand correctly that driver side and passenger side sliding door is standard on the passenger version? As for starting with passenger or cargo, is the passenger version better insulated (aside from the optional add on insulation choices) than the cargo? Would there be another reason to start with one or the other, seats aside?

Thanks again for any input, I appreciate it.
I figured 125-150 for the three placer.

I don't know how insulated they are variably. I do know that I often nap in the three placer in 20 degree weather comfortably without running the engine or wearing a jacket. That being said, I am a confirmed polar bear.
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We had to have the dealer remove the seats. It took 2 men to do it and it wasn't easy. When we were looking at the van with a double middle seat and a single, the salesman couldn't remove the single seat. He had to call the head of service and he couldn't do it. We ended up buying just the middle double seat and they took out the single seat and gave us credit for it.
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