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Aluminess makes great accessories for those looking to carry/haul additional gear on the outside of their vans and trucks. I reached out to them to see if they had anything in the pipeline for the Metris. They said:

Thank you for your interest in Aluminess Products. We have had a bit of interest in working on a Metris. We do not know to what extend that will be at the moment though. If there are certain items you are looking for would determine the scope of our options as well.

Check out their website and if you see a product you'd like to see come to the only mid-size van, leave a post in this thread. If you like a another poster's recommendation, make sure to 'quote' and/or '+1' so the Aluminess reps can gauge a certain suggested product's popularity.

I'll start with my interest in their Storage boxes and tire/bike rack swing arm.

IMPORTANT: If you live in and around San Diego, CA. and you can drop off your Metris to them for some R&D, measurements, etc. Email: [email protected] make sure to put "ATTN: Chris Metris" as the subject line.

We understand that the Metris market is growing and we want to work with people using the vehicles to see what they want and what options we have for everything. - Chris
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