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alright, i drove around 3k miles since the lift. i feels great and it drives very nicely in moderate off-road terrain.
2 issues though!

- one of the rear springs came out of its upper seat. the springs are not really attached or bolted neither at the bottom nor on the top. it is held into its place only by the round bumps on the frame and control arm. as the control arm describes an arch in its movement it opens up like a pair of scissors. the bumps are not in line anymore with the spring axis.
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one of the springs slipped out of its top seat towards the rear. fortunately no damage was done and i could push it back.
i bought a new bumper and seat and replaced them (part 447-324-01-00).

- the upper bolt of one of the rear shocks broke off when i went through a big pot hole.
that's what i think happened: remember that the original shock has a 1" longer bushing on the frame side. with the new shock having only a regular size bushing i just added 1 hex nut (for the time being until i could fabricate proper bushings) as a bushing between shock and frame. i believe the shock bushing was not exactly parallel to the bolt axis and caused a bending moment stress on the bolt (instead of a shearing force).
of course, the bolt broke off flush with the frame but with a special drill and extractor i could get it removed.
in the meantime i fabricated proper bushings and got 10.9 shoulder bolts as replacements. i still have to install it.
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