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adventure van springs

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Hi all, reaching out to see if anyone knows a source for the adventure van coil spring kit? one of my stock coil springs broke, and shopping for upgrades this came highly recommended by a fellow van owner to add payload capacity and a bit of lift.. apparently has been recently discontinued and im trying to find a source for it, even a second hand one.. Or if anyone out there has any other suggestions?

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You can try Peace Vans if you have already tried discussing with AV.
We (Peace Vans) are starting to bring in the Twin-monotube spring shock system from Europe. We should have our first landed pallet in a few weeks and plan to run them beta with ourselves and few select customers for a while before offering the upgrade more broadly. Altough it is a widely used upgrade in Europe we still want some experience oursleves first. I don't think that helps too much with a new spring though - sorry about that.
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