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AC package C09 option, What's the difference?

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One of the big options is the C09 high performance air conditioning package. On the web page, it lists the climate control (HH4) and H09 “enhanced power”. Under description it says (like most things on the web site) see local dealer.
Well the controls are obvious, split climate & glass readouts vs two knobs (for the standard package).
But, what is the H09 Enhanced power? My dealer has no clue. It's winter, so even in Texas it's hard to see any difference.
Is there a more powerful compressor?

A bigger or more evaporators?

More or better fans?

Are there really different part numbers for the components that count that make up the enhanced package?
If there is a significant difference, out here where there are often days over 100, it would be a must have option.
Thanks for your help,

BTW, I'm a lurker turned first time poster. If this needs to be in a different group, please feel free to move it to the correct forum.
The expertise of many posters here seems to exceed that of local and regional reps - so I've turned to you for help.
I'll have lots more questions in the near future. I've test driven a few and the only thing holding me back is the availability of options on my wish list vs availability vs legendary wait times on a custom order. Thanks again.
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My sales guy said the big boy AC had also rear controls. I'm thinking it's a bigger condenser, fan, maybe rear evaporator. I don't have my can yet, so this post is speculation.
I can't quote you the exact difference but I do remember that the high performance AC has a second compressor to cool down the interior faster. I'm in muggy Louisiana so I didn't hesitate to order this option.
Thanks for the replies. Robb, I don't remember seeing any controls in the rear - other than the vent controls - but it's been a week and I was not paying much attention at the time. I'll keep watching perhaps some others will chime in.
From the equipment handbook (found on this site, somewhere): "The interior can be cooled down to the desired temperature more rapidly with the enhanced output air conditioning system. This code adds an additional heat exchanger and modified control software to
generate increased output from the automatic climate control. Recommended for hot climate regions or
where there is a requirement for increased cooling."
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Styles, great info, thanks. Looks like the extra heat exchanger and whatever "modified software" means, is the difference. I think that means for hot climates the C09 is a must have. There is a lot of space in the back of these things to cool off after a van has been sitting in the sun for a while. I do see in the users manual there is a section about the AC system playing some tricks to help keep the inside cool when the van is turned off. My 14 year old Volvo does this.
After it gets hot, it would be interesting to hear from anyone who can compare the two versions under actual conditions..
Thanks for your help.
Ventilation is not the Metris's strong suit, but the A/C blows pretty cool after only a few minutes. Note: Mine is the standard Tempmatic system, versus either the optional basic Climatronic 3-zone automatic system, or the Climatronic 3-zone with enhanced cooling.
is there an option for a stronger aircon for v class?

I"m thinking of buying a v class and trying to figure if the aircon is all the same or there is an option for a stronger one?
cant find anything about it on the official website.
thank you!
The V-class isn't sold here. I believe there are options for different zones, but I don't think there is an "option" for the extra condenser... but it may be standard or included in a package.
I'd have to believe the Vclass, being more of a standard Benz, will come standard with the cold a.c. Can't have Gramma sweating in the rear!
The AC on mine- just the standard tempmatic pax unit- is quite frosty. Actually it's the most effective system I've ever owned- better than a Ford Econoline.
I'd have to believe the Vclass, being more of a standard Benz, will come standard with the cold a.c. Can't have Gramma sweating in the rear!
My cargo van's AC (without the rear unit) puts out very cold air. Unfortunately, in humid areas, the system ices up, and airflow drops to near nothing even at full fan speed. I have to turn off the A/C, and wait until the airflow increases and eventually warms up. Recirc sort of helps, but recirc automatically turns off after a while.
Hmm, there may be an adjustment in the AC to fix that...
I don’t have that issue; I would take it to the dealer and complain.

I live in the swamps of Jersey (which is just about all of Jersey outside the mountains in the north west) so I certainly get lots of humidity. We have humidity in the 80s and 90s much of the year.
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