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28650 miles as of writing.

I'm writing this here to: 1) make sure I make a list of my complaints, 2) to share my complaints with you fine people, and 3) to warn you to look for these items. Oh, and Robb, if you have any ideas on how to go about reporting them, I'd appreciate it. Not that I actually expect problems from my dealer, as the only time I was ever vaguely annoyed at them was when they told me they couldn't warranty my fuel return lines leaking after they had fixed them- and I calmed down when they pointed out that the last time I had that job done was 5 years and 60k miles before.

Problem 1: I have paint chips on my hood. I don't think this is covered by warranty, but I have a lot of them. Like more than I had on my '95 E300 Diesel and '05 ML350 combined. Which I drove to flea markets, ran over gravel roads on frequently (often at higher speeds than some would deem prudent) and in the case of the ML, sometimes took into more off-road-type situations than simple gravel and dirt roads. I don't off road my Metris, I go to a flea market once a month on average (rather than 5-6 times a week), and I go to dirt-road areas of Pennsylvania much less frequently. So it bugs me.

Problem 2: Speaking of paint problems... this one better be covered by warranty! See attached image. The paint on the trailing edge of the drivers door has chipped and is peeling off. This isn't just a construction defect, this is a design flaw. As you can see the area the paint is peeling off of is plastic. It is actually a rather soft piece of plastic, some sort of strip on the edge of the door, and this paint is a fairly thin brittle enamel. Thin brittle enamel over a soft plastic is sort of a recipe for this sort of thing. Its in exactly the place where I put my hand when I swing the door shut, which is how I first noticed it- I felt it.

Problem 3: I am still having connectivity issues with the map pilot unit. I kept intending to bring it in, but what it tends to do is to not be recognized frequently until just the moment I am going to call and bring it in for that problem, and then it will work perfectly for a week or two so that I calm down and forget about it. And then it starts again.

Problem 4: This one is a duesy. The drivers side seatbelt adjuster, if you push the button to adjust it down, will refuse to lock without considerable whacking, prying, and cursing at the button. Calling it a schweinhund while whacking it three times from both left and right seems to work best, although thats probably coincidence.

Problem 5: Sometimes, usually while reversing, there is a light squeaking noise that changes with speed.

Finally, problem 6: Driver seat. First of all, it does have surprisingly wrinkling given its light age (compared to my 200k mile plus 22 year old W124, where despite the fact that the car is not actually running, the drivers seat looks new), and secondly, the tilt adjuster knob refuses to stay at my desired adjustment. The seat cushion sinks over the course of drives, and needs to be adjusted back up every so often (the actual lowering is imperceptable, but eventually it doesn't feel right, and I always keep it maxed out). My 320ish weight is probably the reason, which I'll admit is probably not really the cars fault.

Don't take these as a sign that I don't like the car, mind you- I love it. Just wondering if anyone else has these minor problems.


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