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Instead of making deliveries and hauling cargo, Autoweek editor Mike Larson took the Mercedes Metris Passenger Van on a cross-country road trip instead.

Even though it’s a smaller sibling of the Sprinter, the Metris is still larger than the usual small van like Ford’s Transit Connect and it’s definitely larger than minivans like the Chrysler Pacifica. There’s plenty of room on the inside for up to 8 passengers and all of their luggage.
While the Sprinter runs on diesel, the Metris features a 208-hp, 258 lb-ft 2.0-liter turbo-four gas engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission. That’s enough pep to get the Metris up to freeway speeds without any problems and since it’s automatic, a wider range or drivers will be able to operate one.

The Metris was fully tested in a variety of conditions including interstates, two-lane highways, dense cities, mountain roads, and a muddy dirt road in Colorado. Overall, the van handled and drove like a smaller would and the ride was smooth. Sure, he’s not a fan of the high van body and the interior isn’t screaming with luxuries that we associate with Mercedes-Benz but, the Metris does come through with its safety technology including collision avoidance, lane keeping assist and blind spot assist systems.

He even took his family of three on a two week camping trip with the Metris and there was plenty of room for their equipment. They aren’t light packers but the Metris could have fit more if needed as the bench seating can be removed.

For a starting price of $33,495, the Metris is the mode affordable Mercedes vehicle right now and even with options, the Metris Larson drove only costs $43K. Worth every penny in his opinion.
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