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The guys at AutoBlog just published their review of the Transit Connect Wagon. Their full review can be seen here:

Where the Transit really shows its stripes is when you start driving it with verve. It's surprisingly agile, offering sharper turn-in than just about any other van not named Mazda5. Moreover, as you negotiate bends, the TCW's Focus underpinnings really shine. It doesn't roll too much, and offers a modicum of feedback through the chassis. The electric power-assisted steering is good, offering natural-feeling weight from lock to lock and exhibiting precise, enjoyable behavior regardless of speed. The Transit Connect Wagon is easily a more enjoyable steer than any of the heftier, more traditional minivans available today. Of course, with the Ford, you lose out on all the added comfort and interior goodies found in the more family-friendly vans.

Prices for the Transit Connect Wagon start at $24,710 for the base XLT which is the only short-wheelbase model on offer. The LWB-only XL starts at $25,185, while getting a Titanium model, like this test car, demands $29,185. For that coin, you're getting standard heated leather seats, Sync, a rear-view camera, and dual-zone climate control. Add MyFord Touch ($840), an overhead storage console ($95), 17-inch wheels ($420), front and rear parking sensors ($495), and a heated windshield ($300), and the total, as-tested price is $32,145, including $900 for destination.

After an extensive test of the last-generation model, the Transit Connect left me feeling cold. It was too loud, too slow, and too uncomfortable to be competitive. The second-generation TCW is a more fully realized concept that improves on its predecessor in quite literally every way. Ultimately, it's not going to be as comfortable as a more traditional minivan, but it makes up for those shortcomings by offering a more agile, entertaining, and affordable character that utility-minded shoppers would be wise to consider.
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