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16 inch wheels and Tires

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I was looking around for slightly better tires for the Metris,something slightly more agressive if the van was to be used as a camping car,going down dirt roads and could also be used in snow ect.

There is almost nothing in a 17 inch 55 or 60 series tires that is any more agressive than what is already on the Metris so no joy there.

Time to try a 16 inch rim and see if that fits properly, they have them in Europe! Took the Metris to have the hubs measured and some new wheels drilled and sized,and calculating says the BFG's should fit, so pulled the trigger and ordered everything up and fitted today.

I like the results,

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Looks **** good. Hate the stock alloys. The asymmetrical fan drives me up a wall. Thats half the reason I didn't get the looks package
I like the ones that come on the Vito Tourer Select

To be honest, I love my Metris as it is. The M274 is so gosh darn good. I didn't know gas motors could be so good. It has the feel of my friend Chris's dad's Rolls-Royce Silver Spurs 6.75 V8- floating on the wings of endless torque.
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