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  1. Metris Parts For Sale / WTB
    Hi y’all I’m looking to purchase the triple wide 2nd row seats in leatherette upholstery. This is the 2/1 bench with tilt up seat for 3rd row access. I’m located in Portland, OR and will consider pickup or shipping from anywhere in contiguous North America.
  2. Purchasing and Ordering
    Hi folks, This forum has been a wealth of knowledge. First time poster and I think I managed to delete this post accidentally once, so apologies for any confusion / complications. I’ve been looking into options and everyone’s creative ideas for seating in a getaway- I like the fact that the...
  3. Mercedes-Benz Metris General Discussion
    I am converting my 2018 Metris passenger van to a camper configuration and will have a 2+1 second row and a 3 seater third row, plus the mounting rails, towards the end of July, 2021. Asking for $200 for the second row, $100 for the third row, and $100 for the rails, (or best offer.) All...
1-3 of 3 Results