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  1. Interior and Shelving
    We're getting old and moving the very heavy, original 2+1 and rear bench seats is really difficult. There is a company that sells OEM "EuroSeats" ( as replacements. Has anyone used the company or the seats, and can tell me if they are lighter and more maneuverable than the...
  2. Interior and Shelving
    I just purchased a 2018 Metris Passenger and am converting into a surf/camp van so don't need the bench seats. They are in like-new condition with no wear, scratches, or marks. I'm selling both seats as a pair for $200. Local pickup only in Orange County, CA. You can send me a private message on...
  3. Interior and Shelving
    I’m looking for a 2+1 bench (preferably), or a 2-seat bench for my 2018 Metris second row. Anyone in Southern California looking to offload of theirs?
  4. Interior and Shelving
    I have a 2018 Passenger Base van and am modifying the cargo space. I want to replace the front 3-seat bench with a 2 or 2+1 bench. Will a 2016 2-seater fit in a 2018? eBay listings have seats that say they fit 2016-2019 models, but I can’t find info to verify that.
  5. Interior and Shelving
    I live in Atlanta area and have a 3rd row ( and, possibly, a 2nd row) seat available. Perfect black leather condition. I would like $100 for it but will consider all offers. I need the space in my shop. I bought the passenger van for the added creature comforts but only use it as a cargo van...
1-5 of 5 Results