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  1. Purchasing and Ordering
    Hi folks, This forum has been a wealth of knowledge. First time poster and I think I managed to delete this post accidentally once, so apologies for any confusion / complications. I’ve been looking into options and everyone’s creative ideas for seating in a getaway- I like the fact that the...
  2. Mercedes-Benz Metris General Discussion
    I am converting my 2018 Metris passenger van to a camper configuration and will have a 2+1 second row and a 3 seater third row, plus the mounting rails, towards the end of July, 2021. Asking for $200 for the second row, $100 for the third row, and $100 for the rails, (or best offer.) All...
  3. Interior and Shelving
    We have a 2019 Metris Passenger van. We sold the second and third row seats. We want to install a bed and kitchen, but the rails make the floor uneven. Has anyone taken them out? How much of the floor do you have to wreck to do that?
1-3 of 3 Results