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  1. Electronics
    Suddenly today started getting an ABS and Check Engine light on my 2018 Metris with 27k miles. The local parts store scanned it and came back with a C0034 RF Wheel Sensor code. Of course they didn't show a part available so wondering if anyone has the p/n of this sensor? And if there's...
  2. Interior and Shelving
    Hi Folks: Installed the 2 person bench in another van, have the 3rd seat ( the removable seat ) for sale. I'm located in San Diego, available for local pickup. This is JUST the 3rd seat, not the rails, not the 2 person bench. Thx
  3. Interior and Shelving
    Metris cargo van partition with window for sale in L.A. pickup only best offer accepted
  4. Metris Builds and Conversions
    I've struggled for a couple years with mosquito netting for our minimalist campervan (it has a stove, cooler, shelves, storage, fan and insulation but we sleep on air mattresses on the floor). The netting was either beyond our capability to do well, expensive, or required specific changes (such...
  5. Appearance & Body
    Hi all I am new here… recently bought a 2018 Metris. Love it because it is the closest thing to a Chevy Astro van, new on the market that can tow a trailer.. I am having difficulty finding any aftermarket products that fit the vehicle. I recently bought these running boards from Omac and they...
  6. Metris Builds and Conversions
    Just finished Metris rv that has everything, testing the unit on weekends, this vehicle handles great and gets good milage 24 or better
  7. Mercedes-Benz Metris General Discussion
    I am looking to purchase captain seats and 2+1 Seats from V-Class or Mercedes Vito. I am bring it to USA. Anybody that has 1 set or more please respond or text or email. Thanks
1-7 of 7 Results