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  1. camper conversion for my Metris Utility, 2020

    I just spent the last 10 years traveling the world but now it’s a new reality. No more hotels or restaurants for me. I’ll be doing all my traveling in my new 2020 Metris camper. I will be doing my conversion mostly by myself. I’ve done 2 vans into campers before. My last one was the Honda...
  2. Camp Stove Discounts

    Vendor Deals
    Heeeeeeya'll. I'm sure if you all are playing by the rules, you are getting pretty stir-crazy and ready to plan your next van trip. Personally, I'm over it. like way over it. So, to help get you on the right path for your next camp trip, I've added some products Metris Forum members can...
  3. Camper Conversion Table Mounts

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    Hey y'all. I want to offer a discount to the Metris Forum members on Lagun Table Mounts for those of you doing camper conversions on your Metris. These mounts are pretty much the best out there, and I use them in the build shop on nearly every van that comes in here. It's 10% off of Lagun...
  4. Campervan Questions for Y'all

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    Yeah I know that this space is supposed to be for me to be pitching you all on some-product-or-another, but I'm paying to be here so I hope you all can forgive me for using a post just for questions that I have. Specifically for those who have converted their Metris' into campervans, here are...
  5. Vendor Introduction - GTFOverland

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    Hey y'all, First I wanted to say hello, and to give a thanks to everyone for creating one of the most polite forums on the web. I've been reading the Metris forum for a while, and I have to say that this group us much more helpful and patient than a lot I've come across. That is one of the...