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Metris Cargo Van
Artic White
Cold Weather , Comfort, Driver Efficient, Multi Function Wheel Display
Got my Metris end of November. I wanted a fully loaded cargo van with all the optional packages except the cold weather package but was informed the wait time was months. I did not want to wait that long as I needed a cargo van now. I opted for the one they had on the lot even though I did not need the cold weather package here in Hawaii. When dove it home I noticed a problem with the side mirrors being too small with bad blind spots. I almost had a accident when I turned into the right lane with a truck I did not see in the blind spot. Also had a bad noise problem that was later found by the MB folks to be a loose heat shield. They took 5 days in the shop to find the problem and correct. I've had the Metris for a two months now and have made some modifications to it.
2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van (Artic White)


Installed front and rear dash camera. About to install Viper alarm system and front and rear parking sound sensors.

Installed right side rear blind spot camera to better see when backing out of a parking stall.

Installed a used Ford 3 person bench seat then added seatbelts and head rests. Painted cargo area with sound reducing paint coating to reduce road noise and painted over with flat gray.
Installed rain window shields, mud guards, large side blind spot mirrors, Mercedes Badge up front and star in back.

Right rear facing back up camera.

Installed tinting to rear and side front windows. Also front windshield tinting to cut 99
% of UV.
Later plan on install of a Viper security alarm and front and back parking sensors.



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