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Der Werkzeugkoffer
Metris 135
Replacement for Mr Vito. So far so good, no signs of irregular tire wear and no issues. Fit and finish much better.
Der Wekzeugkoffer ("The Toolcase") is basically a tool box on wheels.

Here is a photo story of the upfit:


The day after delivery.


Boxing in the wheel wells. The racking came out of a short wheelbase Metris, so I added a shelf in front of the wheel well on the driver side. The grey case on the shelf contains my laser level. The D-rings in the van floor are accessible below the shelf. I keep a bag of tie-downs there.


The main rack fits above the wheel well boxes. Note the fact that it doesn't cover the wheel well; at some point I will have to extend it to take better advantage of the long wheelbase.


Here is the section behind the cargo partition. It holds sawhorses, work top, levels, Zipwall poles, broom handles, conduit benders, and other such items. Full sheets of plywood, lumber, and pipe can still slide under the seats in the driver compartment, so I can carry 10'-long material inside and still close the rear doors.


The passenger side rack, which is unmodified from the original short wheelbase.


Loaded and ready for work. I really appreciate the size and configuration of the Metris. It is extremely easy to load and unload. We seldom have to crawl inside to get things, as our most often-used tools and supplies are within easy reach of the doors.


The driver's side door rack is where I keep the tools that are used most often. It is very convenient; the driver's side rolling door is one of the best features about this van.


Cargo area has custom plywood racking for tools and supplies. The racking was originally developed for a standard wheelbase Metris, so it took some minor modifications to suit the 135.


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Nice work! Looks like you are ready for anything work wise.

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Thanks! It is indeed! It isn't big enough to hold everything, but it will hold what I need for any given day and it's easy to swap things out depending on the job. I have a utility trailer for oversize items.

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Looks fantastic and super practical!

I am considering getting a cargo Metris or Sprinter later this year, to upgrade from a passenger Dodge Grand Caravan, and doing something similar.

I probably would like a partition I can see through and side glass. For the past month I have been observing how much one is forced to look through the sides for safe highway merges, odd yield intersections, parking lots, ...

One thing I missed, is how the plywood is fastened to the sides and top?
I noticed some small L brackets on the floor.
Did you use the factory bolt holes?

How deep are your side shelves and how much space is open between the two of them?

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I like that. And I bet it weighs a lot less than the steel weatherguard racks I put in mine.

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I like that. And I bet it weighs a lot less than the steel weatherguard racks I put in mine.