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  • RansomRidge ·

    Sorry for the slow response, I've been gone for 8 days and had no cell service or internet connection.

    Thanks for the kind words on my posts! Its great to know that someone appreciates the work that it takes to upload pics, etc.

    You're correct, I did not connect the yellow and black wires to the ignition. Yes, the A2 stud is hot when the ignition switch is in any position other than OFF.

    My Sterling has worked fine for me thus far so I'm completely satisfied with it.

    Good luck with your install!

    GTFO ·

    First off, thanks so much for the time and effort you put into sharing your work with the rest of us. It really means the world to folks like me to see what has been done before I came along.

    Second, regarding your Sterling B2B charger install, did you not connect the black & Yellow ignition activation wires up at all? My feeling is that they weren't necessary because you hooked into the A2 stud that is only hot with ignition anyway, but I wanted to make sure that was a correct assumption.

    Thanks so much in advance for your time!
    martybenson ·
    I keep seeing you pop up on posts, and your advice seems quite useful. Thanks for that. I'm wondering if you have a website, social media account, etc where you've posted photos, articles, videos, etc. of your build.
    Marty B
    MOWO ·
    Hey, I'm finally tackling the 2nd battery. I'm more doing a 'dry run' kind of setup as I've never camp'd out in a van or RV and really dont know where my 'boondocking' duration will be..1 day might be enough for me lol. Also dont know what kind of stuff i will ultimately end up I'm starting with 1 aux batt and probaby 1kw interver.

    I'll find the thread and post more.
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