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    I wonder if you may be able to help me. I am considering buying a 2018 Metris Worker cargo van but the tow pack is not available on the Worker version.
    I have a part number 4473100004 for the hitch but my dealer told me they are unable to order this in because it’s a (port installation?) and therefor not available for cash and carry.
    I know all the Metris come with wire prep so it just doesn’t make sense to me why the hitch is unavailable other than they want me to upgrade to the regular Metris cargo.
    My reason for wanting the MB hitch is because all the aftermarket hitches sit too low, this was discussed in a thread and I googled photos to confirm and the aftermarket sit way too low.
    Jeff Fink
    Sonymommy ·

    I'd love to pick your brain on the metris. I've never owned a MB before. I've only owned 2 Toyotas.

    I was minivan shopping when the metris caught my eye. I love the look and style and the space/especially the headroom inside. If VW still made Vanagons, I'd consider one of those. I like the clean, utilitarian features - I've got 2 toddlers so anything I can vacuum up and wipe down is good. That said, I was considering the explorer conversion because of the captains chairs in the second row, vacuum, better navigation system with bigger screen. You said the conversion seats aren't worth it....can you explain more about your conversion thoughts?

    The other question I have is more about MB reliability. People say parts/longterm costs are $$$$. I'm coming from owning a 4Runner and the only thing I've to replace beneath the hood in the last decade is the battery and air filter. Please help me out with your MB advice. Thank you!!!
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